About Us


Clarisky Clothing is the creative workings of Clarissa Gallaccio, a 24 year old entrepreneur and Vancouverite looking to make a career out of a passion.  In 2010, while getting over an emotional breakup, Clarissa turned her previously scheduled Friday night date nights into one-on-one time with a hastily purchased sewing machine.

Clarissa took to teaching herself the basics of sewing while her roommates spent the weekend nights working in the hospitality industry.  Her unique vision and creative fashion sense led her to create risky pieces that were intriguing but still embodied class, hence the term 'Clarisky'.  It is only fitting that the creator of Clarisky clothing is also named CLARISSA. 

Clarissa began wearing her pieces to public fashion events and quickly became a favourite local fashionista, due to her unique ensembles. In June 2013 Clarissa decided to take the plunge and focus on fashion more seriously, she left her well-paid civil engineering job and ventured into the unknown by launching clariskyclothing.com with her signature piece, the Sweet Pleat Skirt, based on the design of her very first creation. 

           "It is important for me to create clothing that is fun and unique and can  portray the personality of the wearer.  I was tired of seeing everyone wearing the same exact things EVERYWHERE, and wanted to produce pieces that were original and clarisky.  I just hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do!"